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Charlotte Rehn

Founding Stoa speech chair

Former NCFCA Speech committee

Clash debate club director emeritus

Clash board member for 15 years

"I had the privilege of working with Dorr Clark over many years of coaching in Clash Debate Club.  Everyone who knows Dorr, knows he is a unique and gifted coach. Three things stand out about him.  First, he is a fount of wisdom on debate theory,  technique, and the ramifications of running one argument rather than another.  Second, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of homeschool debate lore.  He remembers everything! This gives his coaching a broader perspective than just the latest trendy gimmick. Finally, and most important, he has an intense love for his students.  He is devoted to them them and dedicated to their success. He was an incredibly popular and sought after cell group leader in Clash because of these qualities. Dorr is a treasure! Because of his history, knowledge, and breath of experience he has so much more to offer than other coaches. Any student who is privileged to sit under his teaching will come out a sharper and more sophisticated debater."

Stephen Mayer J.D.

Founder of MC-Speech

NCFCA National Open Champion - Team Policy

"Dorr is one of the most talented and kind debate coaches I have ever met.  He helped me improve every one of my critical debate skills - from case drafting to analytical reasoning to research - and he was instrumental in helping me reach nationals in every year that we worked together.  I try to model Dorr's techniques to this day now that I coach debate myself."

Scott York
Founder of StoaUSA

"Dorr Clark is a giant in Stoa, having formulated the ground rules for Parliamentary Debate when it was first decided to make it a Stoa event.  He first outlined the underlying thinking for how evidence should be presented in Team Policy Debate.  He also was the first to think through and articulate how minor infractions in Team Policy should be made voting issues, and only major violations of standards should be referred to adjudication.   Both his ideas on evidence and on handling debate violations are now standard policy in Stoa debate."

Melan Jaich
Former Director of Forensics
Santa Clara University

“From 2007 to 2012, Dorr H. Clark led the CLASH squad into competition in CFL, NFL Invitationals, and CHSSA.  Although only competing in Parli, within that event they were the equal of any High School in the Bay Area, and in particular Dorr’s son Nathaniel was one of the top Parli debaters in California of that era.”

Greg DeJager
Former StoaUSA chair

"My family was fully engaged in the Stoa speech and debate world for over 10 years. Dorr was a fixture the entire time and for good reason. He is one of the most talented and knowledgeable debate coaches I have ever known. He has no-nonsense style together with a kind heart. A great combination!"

Paul Rose

Fonder of Rose Debate

Two times NITOC Team Policy champion

"Mr. Clark is a genius!!!"

Joe Rose J.D.
Two time HSLDA Team Policy Champion
Three time HSLDA Team Policy Finalist

"Dorr’s impact on CLASH and homeschool debate is impossible to overstate.  For 25 years, he has worked tirelessly and selflessly, coaching multiple generations of debaters, organizing more competitions than I can count, and helping to build the league.  But more importantly, he has, through his example, shown  parents and students that winning should never come at the cost of friendship and that excellence and fellowship must be built together.  I’m so thankful for all that Dorr has done for the club and for the larger homeschool debate community.  Hanging out with Dorr is one of the things I miss most about CLASH!"

Frank Tang
Experienced Parent Debate Coach

"I have known Dorr since 11 years ago after we enrolled our children into Clash Debate Club for Team Policy debate. Dorr, as a retired parent coach, often came back to the club and shared with us his insight about both Team Policy debate and Parliamentary debate. He has a strong passion to mentor and guide intermediate debaters to reach their excellency to become the nationals. His experiences and wisdom not only helped my son to sharpen his oral argumentation skill but also guided me and many parents to understand the value of debate and how to assist our children to improve. I learned a lot from Dorr. Highly recommend his teaching."

Gavin Landgraph J.D.
Yale Law School 23

Dorr Clark is an extraordinary debate coach who was instrumental in my development as a debater during high school.  He has over two decades of experience as a coach and an outstanding record of success.  I strongly recommend enrolling in his debate camp.

Suis Kusnadi
Former board member of Legacy Speech club

"We have known and worked with Dorr Clark for more than three debate seasons now. He's coached my three sons and their partners and was a big factor in their successes at tournaments. His knowledge of debate topics and strategies is unsurpassed, perfect for seasoned and advanced debaters. At the same time, he spots right away what a novice personally needs to work on, and his advice is always spot-on. I will never forget the time Dorr pointed out to my son that he had a unique pattern of speech and thus the need to start slow to get his audience adjusted to his speech before showing his more passionate side. Dorr Clark loves kids and debate, and he loves coaching kids to be excellent debaters."

Lucas Owen
NITOC Team Policy Finalist; Stanford Invitational Parliamentary Debate Semi-Finalist

"Mr. Clark is unparalleled in his advice, analysis, and knowledge of debate. There are countless times that Mr. Clark would be able to provide insights that I had never thought of. He is extremely dedicated and helped me to completely revise 1ACs, build negative strategies, and learn new debate theories."

Justin Cho
3rd place in both the NITOC Team Policy & Parliamentary Debate 

"Mr. Clark has a passion for debate and commitment to his students that is unlike any other coach I've had. I had the honor of working with him during my junior and senior year of high school and reaped the benefits of his extensive knowledge, strategies, and experiences. I directly attribute much of my success in Team Policy and Parliamentary debate to him."

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