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Experience year-long private debate coaching with Mr. Clark, exclusively focused on you and your debate partner.

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For the school year 2023-24, Mr. Clark will only accept a few teams for coaching.

We understand that true growth and improvement come from dedicated practice and personalized attention. That's why our private coaching sessions are tailored to maximize your learning potential and unlock your full abilities as a debater. Get ready to delve into the art of argumentation, debate theory, and strategic delivery with our comprehensive and rigorous training.

Our program is specifically designed for a committed team of two, spanning a year-long duration. Mr. Clark personally provides private coaching sessions that cover everything such as case selection, constructing the 1AC, and cultivating affirmative momentum.  We will develop strategies, arguments, and comprehensive approaches for the negative side, including augmenting case-specific briefs. Mr. Clark's guidance will assist your team in identifying strengths and weaknesses, enabling your partnership to optimize the opportunity for achieving your debate objectives.  

Mr. Clark's 25 years of ballot analysis enable debaters to understand how to effectively utilize the judge's written feedback. Moreover, Mr. Clark possesses exceptional expertise in designing end-to-end campaigns, spanning from the summer camp experience to national championships, including staying on schedule and identifying the ideal tournament sequence.

Whether you're an experienced debater looking to achieve national success or a beginner stepping into the world of debate for the first time, Clark's Debate is committed to providing the necessary resources and support for your success. Our year-round private coaching program equips you with the tools and guidance to excel in the thrilling realm of competitive debate. 

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